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30,000 Mile Service

The 30K or 30,000 mile service is a major service, and likely the first one for your vehicle. Many car experts refer to this level of service as a “tune-up”.

30,000 Mile Service | Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service

In addition to all that is performed at the 15,000 mile service, the 30,000 mile service is where you will start seeing some of the fluids replaced, such as the brake fluid, engine coolant and transmission fluid, as well as spark plugs, air filters and the fuel filter. A more comprehensive checklist of inspections may also be included, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations for the vehicle.

When you give your vehicle a 30k or 30,000 mile service, not only will your car run better, but it will last longer. People often skip this important step, and think that they can “get away with” missing a regular mileage service. Like many other people on a tight budget, you may think your car doesn’t sound so bad, so there’s no problem. Sound familiar?

The problem is your car sometimes won’t reveal what’s wrong until it’s too late. Most problems happen quickly, and before you know it, that little sound means your car won’t start. Preventative maintenance and a mileage service at 30k or 30,000 miles could have kept that problem in check. With smart maintenance and servicing your vehicle at 30,000 or 30K miles, you can keep your repair costs down, rather than letting the problem become a thousand-dollar-plus monster. Time and time again, it’s been proven that a simple car tune up and mileage service can stretch your dollar further than you could imagine.

Need service, car repair, or maintenance? Whatever the need, our staff at SFCS will be happy to take care of your vehicle so that it may safely take care of you.

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