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Fuel Systems

Proper fuel systemmaintenance is critical to long engine life and trouble-free operation. The fuel system’s job is to deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. In order for the vehicle to operate efficiently, the fuel must be clean. A clean fuel system is very important, and that is why regularly scheduled maintenance for the carburetor, fuel injection components, and the overall fuel system is so critical.

A carburetor is one of the most important engine parts. It mixes fuel and air together. This mixture is necessary for the engine to function. Carburetors are relatively simple devices but they do require periodic maintenance to ensure they function properly within the fuel system. Problems can occur if dirt or debris gets into the carburetor through the air intake, causing the vehicle to stall, or stop all together.

Fuel injectors are another key component of your fuel system. To keep your engine running smoothly and your fuel injectors free from obstruction, there are a few simple things you can do. First, use higher-end gasoline with detergents to help clean your fuel system. Premium gas is usually well worth the extra few cents per gallon. Second, replace your fuel filter at the manufacturer recommended intervals. Third, you may consider adding aftermarket fuel-injector cleaner to your gas tank.

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