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Engine Repair

Here at SFCS, we feel that engines are a highly-functional work of art — for it takes a balance of mechanical integrity and sleek design to build such a powerful masterpiece. Engines do remarkable work, and if properly maintained, can last a very long time.

The main function of an engine is to allow a small amount of gasoline and air, contained in a small enclosed space, to ignite and explode, generating energy that sets various mechanisms into motion to turn the wheels of the car. A constant cycle of these little explosions inside the engine runs your automobile. Literally hundreds of things can keep an automobile engine from running properly–the main ones being a bad fuel/air mix, lack of compression, or lack of spark. The engine is the heart of your vehicle’s life, so let our trained staff at SFCS maintain it throughout your vehicle’s lifetime.

Need auto service, car-repair, or maintenance? Whatever the need, our staff at SFCS will be happy to take care of your vehicle so that it may safely take care of you.

SFCS: Reliable service to keep you moving.

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