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Yearly Archives: 2015

Subaru Repairs

There is the old adage “you can learn something every day”. I have to admit that when it comes to tough or complex problems I’m bit of a mechanical geek. On day two of the new year I was presented with one of these complex problems. One of my long time Subaru clients brought in their 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5 L non turbo (87,000 mile). The customer was complaining of a rattling sound from the engine. She stated she heard it most on startup but it usually did not go away. This car happened to be about 3000 miles over due for its oil change so the first thing we did was check the oil. We checked it and yep, it was low. Problem solved? After doing the oil change, however, we could still hear a faint rattling in the back ground. It was so faint that I thought we may not even near to check further. In most cases if oil goes too low it can cause damage to an engine. Once that damage is done it is hard to correct it. Even though there is a high probability that this will be a mechan ... read more

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