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The braking system is the most important safety device of a car. Period. However, many drivers do not seem to understand brake systems very well. It is important to have an auto repair shop service your brake pads and perform brake service.

Most cars use a front disc/rear drum brake setup, although most sports cars and most premium sedans use disc brakes at all four wheels. Disc brakes use a circular rotor (the disc) that rotates with the wheel. When the brakes are engaged, a set of brake pads that are attached to a caliper, clamps down on the disc to help bring the vehicle to a stop. Drum brakes use pads–called “shoes”–that are mounted inside a round “drum.” Those shoes push out against the rotating drum in order to provide stopping power for the car.

Because most of the vehicle’s weight shifts to the front during braking, that means that the front brake pads have to handle most of the work. That also means the front brakes wear faster–sometimes as quickly as 30,000 miles.

If you notice that your vehicle is not stopping as quickly as it used to, or if you hear noises when you apply the brakes, come in for a quick minor auto repair service in the form of braking system inspection. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and you definitely want to make sure your braking system is working perfectly.

Need brake service, brake repair, or auto maintenance? Whatever the need, our staff at SFCS will be happy to take care of your vehicle so that it may safely take care of you.

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