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  • Subaru Legacy Repair in Sunnyvale
$15 Off Labor! Receive $15 off labor when labor exceeds $100 or more. Cannot be combined with other offers or specials. Not valid on an oil change. Some restrictions apply. Ask for further details. ... [more...]
$20 Off - Brake Job! Receive $20 off on a brake job for the front or rear axle. Only one coupon valid per vehicle, per visit. Cannot be used twice for the same vehicle. Some other restrictions apply. See shop for details. ... [more...]
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I liked that I was able to get service when I wanted and needed it. I was able to just go by and they took me in and that was great.
Joseph M. - Yelp User

Car Heating and Cooling Systems

Some people enjoy driving. Others drive out of necessity. Either way, we all want to be comfortable when we drive. For interior atmospheric comfort, the most important system is your vehicle’s HVAC or Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System. On a hot summer day, we want a nice, cool car. On a cold winter morning, we feel more comfortable in a warm, toasty car.

Regular auto maintenance of your car heating system and car cooling system will help you circumvent expensive repair costs. From time to time, the vehicle’s heating and cooling system needs to be recharged to bring it back to maximum efficiency. Leaks in your cooling system may cause a loss of refrigerant, and law requires that you MUST have it fixed before refilling your system with Freon or refrigerant. Corrosion will cause the heater core (secondary radiator) to leak. This is easily detected when you see steam in the passenger compartment that fogs your windows. Chances are high that there is a leak if you notice a sweet smell coming from your vents.

Need auto repair, service or maintenance? Whatever the need, our staff at SFCS will be happy to take care of your vehicle so that it may safely take care of you.

SFCS: Reliable service to keep you moving.