Sunnyvale Tesla Service and Repair


Not everyone can service a Tesla, but we at Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service have the ability to provide that service that other shops can't.


Tesla has become one of the top manufacturers in electric vehicles including their first model, the Roadster, as well as their Model S design. The Tesla Roadster was the first highway-capable battery electric vehicle sports car produced in the United States, quickly followed by the Tesla Model S as a full-sized electric sports sedan.


As more people continue to purchase electric vehicles such as Tesla, Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service adapts to the new automotive trends by providing tests, diagnosis and repairs for Tesla's electronic systems and modules.


For over 50 years, Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service has maintained a solid group of customers that can rely on us and the services we provide. At Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service, we can provide you the solutions you need to repair your Tesla vehicle. We value your Tesla vehicle as much as we value you as a customer. We are honored to offer you our Tesla services.